Allosaurus is a dinosaur from the Late Jurassic Period.

Relatives: Coelurus, Ceratosaurus

Scientific Name: Allosaurus fragilis, Allosaurus europaeus, Allosaurus atrox

It has horns on its head. It is featured in Walking With The Dinosaurs. It is sometimes confused with Saurophaganax.

Alllosaurus Skull
Allosaurus Body 2
Allosaurus Body 3

It's Fighting A Stegosaurus And It's Baby

Allosaurus Body 4
Allosaurus Body
Allosaurus Drawing 2
Allosaurus Drawing Without Any Appearance Of The Arms, The Body, The Legs, Or The Tail
Allosaurus Drawing
Allosaurus Hand
Allosaurus Skull 2
Allosaurus Skull Three
Allosaurus Legs
Allosaurus Body 5

Eating An Apatosaurus With Either A Stygimoloch Or Pachycephalosaurus In The Background